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Hardscaping Designed to Be Beautiful
and Functional

At Sunmar Landscaping, we can design and create hardscaping features that will make you want to show off your outdoor space, while also providing everything you need to entertain guests in the comfort of your own property. You can rely on Sunmar for landscape design as well as a wide range of hardscaping features. Pick from our wide selection of materials and help us execute the outdoor space of your dreams!



Close up of interlock stone walkway.

Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking stones and bricks are quite durable and easy to maintain, and they come in a wide array of colours, shapes, sizes and textures. They can be placed in designs that complement the architectural style of your home.
Picture of concrete driveway.


Concrete is a long-lasting, versatile choice, offering options for colours, patterns and finishes. Stamped concrete can be patterned or textured to resemble brick, cobblestone, tile, wood and more. Exposed aggregate, or “pebble concrete,” is achieved by starting with a concrete base and then exposing the top layer, so that colourful small stones are visible on the surface – adding texture and visual interest to your landscape.


Asphalt is a popular choice for driveways and sidewalks because it provides a smooth, neat surface that hides stains, holds up to wear and tear, and is easy to repair.

It can also be combined with concrete or interlock features to create a designer look that adds curb appeal to your home’s exterior.


These large flat stones are perfect for natural-looking patios and walkways. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.
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We Design & Build:

Driveways & Curbs
Garage Floors
Garden Beds

Outdoor Kitchens
Patios & Verandas
Retaining walls



We Perform All The Work, Personally.

Our family-owned business prides itself on delivering quality, and owner Mario remains on the job site to ensure it meets or exceeds your expectations. You will be dealing with our team only throughout the process, as we don’t outsource any of the work.

To learn more about the range of services we offer, or to request a free estimate, please contact us today.